MULTAN - Acting Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan Liaqat Baloch has said that all problems being faced by the Ummah can be solved if Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey and Pakistan get united at one page.

“The leadership of entire Muslim world is in Saudi Arabia and it is need of the hour that Pakistan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran get united at one platform,” he asserted while addressing a news conference here on Thursday. He added that the entire Muslim Ummah eyed the leadership of Muslim world which was in Saudi Arabia. He said that solution to all problems being faced by the Muslims lay in Quran and Sunnah as any secular or capitalist system could not offer any solution.

He was of the opinion that the situation in FATA would have been different had the Rs300 billion given to FATA via establishment were distributed through the representatives of FATA. He said that dictatorship eliminated entire Bhutto family while the people had lost expectations with the Sharifs. He said that the establishment promoted the slogan of change with full force but the problems existed as they were. He said that the people were being given just a lollypop of South Punjab province. He said that a separate province was right of the residents of South Punjab region and they should not be deprived of their right.

He regretted that the political leadership put the youth on such a path on social media that no one’s honour was safe now. He said that the current rulers had no policy, welfare programme or any remedy for people’s wounds. He declared that JI’s Awami March starting from June 16 would succeed.

JI’s Awami March from June 16 will be a success

He pointed out that a mere slogan of accountability was raised but all those 436 persons who were involved in corruption and looting of national wealth were not held accountable. He claimed that currency notes worth Rs400 billion flew away but the rulers did nothing to bring this national money back. He said that those who claimed to get the country rid of menace of loans were seen holding begging bowl in their hands. He said that the country and nation needed to adopt self-reliance. “Whose name is change? What is this change all about? This word has become a symbol of shame and fun,” he maintained. He warned that the seculars were bent upon destroying Pakistan and the country was faced with serious internal and external chaos. He said that economic crisis, price hike, unemployment and the worst conditions set by the IMF completely ruined business and industry in the country. He said that white collar section of society was facing the worst time of their lives as Eid was around the corner but they could not buy anything due to horrible price hike,

He said that the people claimed that terrorism, narcotics and arms came from Afghanistan. “I ask them to learn courage and steadfastness from Afghans who are fighting against the imperialism and the enemy,” he noted. He said that Donald Trump was under possession of his own establishment, adding that USA was responsible for creating chaos in Turkey, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and other countries. He maintained that the enemy created divide between the Shias and Sunnis which gave the impression that the Muslim world was under occupation of imperialists