LAHORE   (PR)   SNGPL’s UFG section has conducted a successful raid at Sartaj Ice factory near main GT road and disconnected direct bypass from site.

The raid was conducted on the instructions of General Manager SNGPL Lahore Tayyab Faisal and Chief Engineer Imran Virk. During the raid, consumers, Salman Riaz and Mian Haroon offered severe resistance but SNGPL team stood firm against the resistance and successfully managed to curb menace of gas theft.  UFG team found that a bypass of 2”diameter was installed on 2”diameter main MS line. Consumer had installed a ball valve on disconnected service tee through which gas was being supplied to factory.

Consumer was using gas in steel furnaces. SNGPL has lodged an FIR at Baghbanpura police station against accused consumers.