The history of milk and dairy products adulteration is very old but it became a global concern in 2008 when melamine contamination was found in Chinese infant milk products.

The nutrients in milk play vital role in the proper functioning, growth, and development of the human body. The extensive consumption of milk and dairy products in Pakistan makes these food items a potential target for adulteration with financial gains for unscrupulous producers. Unfortunately, due to substandard and nonregulated systems in Pakistan, the quality of milk is hardly maintained at the consumer level. Various studies had suggested that milk available to the layman is heavily adulterated with a variety of chemicals including heavy metals and aflatoxins. The current milk safety situation in Pakistan is a pressing challenge and will continue to have serious implications for the nation’s economic infrastructure if corrective measures are not taken timely.

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) is a government body taking initiatives to ensure the availability of safe and adulteration free milk to the general public. It includes strict inspections of milk production units and even wastes substandard milk if required.


Lahore, May 29.