Through your esteemed newspaper I would like to highlight the widespread issue of depression among teenagers. In the past decade, clinical depression and anxiety among adolescents ages 12 to 17 have gone up. Recent surveys indicate as many as one in five teens suffer from clinical depression. The possible reasons behind increasing depression rate could be studies, stress, bullying, poor sleep, relational difficulties and genetics etc.

Recently, Talha Ayub, a teenager, student of FCC, only 18 years old, died due to depression. He was hospitalised for almost 5 days. For him, it was the societal pressure of not failing his studies that took the young boy’s life. Many other cases have also been reported in this regard.

Now, it is the high time for the society to improvise its standards and understand teen depression. I would like to request the health departments to start awareness campaigns related to teen depression and encourage teenagers towards a healthy life.


Karachi, May 16.