Ertugral Ghazi is a Turkish historical television series which aired on Pakistani Channel PTV. In Turkish the title of the series is Dirilis Ertugral. The drama is based on the history of the Muslim Oghuz Turks. The story is about the history of Anatolia Turkey in 13th century. This series shows the bravery of soldier of Kai tribe whose name is Ertugral Ghazi who was the father of Osman (Othman) who founded the Ottoman Empire. Everyone is watching the drama with interest. The drama has upset many non-Muslims countries around the world. A large number of people also turned to YouTube to watch the Urdu version the COVID-19 lockdown. Ertugral Ghazi drama series has crossed above 3 million subscribers within 25 days. This drama crossed about 200 million views on “TRT Ertugral by PTV” channel within a month. Unlike our conventional Pakistani dramas, the Islamic theme historical drama Ertugral Ghazi connects with the viewers at an emotional and psychological level. The historical fiction series is being aired on PTV on the special directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

It’s worth watching. The youth of Pakistan must go through it in order to understand the glory of Muslims.