ISLAMABAD             -          A majority of mosques in Islamabad city have been adopting all the precautionary measures; however, crowded markets in the capital are likely to cause trouble for the Islamabad administration.

The mosques in capital were thought to be the hot spot of COVID-19 in the coming days, but a majority of them are following all the SOPs fixed by the federal government.

However, a few numbers of mosques in the outskirts of capital have been violating the SOPs and the administration and local committees seem helpless to convince the masses to follow the SOPs.

While talking to The Nation, Mufti Khalid, chief of a religious seminary in Islamabad said that mosques were being targeted but majority of them were following the SOPs.

He stated that propaganda against the mosques must be stopped.

Another religious cleric and muhtamim of a seminary in Islamabad SayedSarwar said that mosques were wrongly targeted, adding that government must pay heed towards the crowded markets in the capital.

Meanwhile, many civil society activists and political leaders have raised their reservations over the ignorance of Islamabad administration towards the crowded markets in Islamabad.

While talking to The Nation on phone, former senator and businessman Haji Ghulam Ali said that they had fixed the SOPs for the markets and business community but the masses were paying no heed towards their adoption. He stated that the masses should not create issues for the government and must follow the SOPs completely. He stated that if the people in markets did not stop violating the SOPs, it may cause huge troubles for the Islamabad administration.

He urged the masses to stop violation of SOPs or face the dangerous coronavirus.