ISLAMABAD - National Assembly secretariat has advised MPs to get themselves tested for coronavirus  before attending upcoming national assembly session scheduled to be held next week.

Adopting precautionary measures, the national assembly secretariat concerned department had conveyed all lawmakers to get coronavirus test before attending the longest session of national assembly. 

The upcoming session of national assembly will continue till August, covering upcoming federal budget 2020-21 and legislative business.

The parliamentary leaders of all parliamentary parties will also hold business advisory meeting before the session of national assembly to jointly decide further mechanism to run the session of national assembly. 

Ministry of parliamentary affairs have already submitted summary to national assembly secretariat for the longest session in the crisis-like situation due to novel coronavirus.

The parliamentary leaders of political parties will also decide disposing of adjournment motions and call attention submitted by opposition. 

As, the previous session of national assembly had only conducted debate on coronavirus. No adjournment motions, questions-hour and call attention notices were presented in previous session of national assembly.

Sources said the government senior members have already started work on pending legislative business to pass it in the upcoming session of national assembly.

The government in upcoming session will complete 130 mandatory days of a parliamentary year of national assembly.

The government has to meet for another 53 days to complete mandatory 130 days of a parliamentary year, which would be possible only by conducting continuous session without any break till August.