KARACHI - Hosts of an online series of scientific, educational and literary meetings Ramesh Raja and Man­zoor Ujjan held an on­line international sit­ting here on Saturday to overcome boredom and loneliness amid corona­virus. The sitting, titled Eid Milan party, was held with Rahat Sadiq Faqir, a rising artist from Tharparkar, as a special guest, and joined by participants from Can­ada, Australia, Finland, Italy, Germany, London, Hungary, Russia, Bah­rain, Saudi Arabia and Dubai. The participants enjoyed the modern poetry in the voice of Rahat Sadiq Faqir. Ra­mesh Raja said that the great music maestros of Tharparkar, Shafi Faqir and Sadiq Faqir had not only performed with soul touching voice but had also enriched the Sindhi music.