PESHAWAR - Sarhad Chamber of Com­merce and Industry (SCCI) and Afghan diplomat met here yesterday to discuss the removal of hurdles to bilateral Pak-Afghan and transit trade.

The meeting was at­tended by Pak-Afghan Joint Chamber of Com­merce and Industry (PA­JCCI) leader and Frontier Customs Agents Associa­tion (FCAA) president Zi­aul Haq Sarhadi and Af­ghan Consul General in Peshawar Najeebullah Ahmadzai.

The SCCI delegation ap­prised the Afghan consul general about the issues being faced by the busi­ness community, traders, industrialists, exporters and importers and pre­sented recommendations for their resolution.

The Afghan diplomat agreed with propos­als of the SCCI delega­tion meant to strengthen the bilateral Pak-Afghan and transit trade rela­tions. The SCCI delega­tion invited Najeebul­lah Ahmadzai to visit the Sarhad Chamber of Com­merce and Industry.

Ziaul Haq Sarhadi said around 6,000 empty trucks of Afghan transit trade stuck on the oth­er side of the Pak-Afghan border, will gradually be released on the request of the Sarhad chamber.

He said that nearly 1,500 empty trucks/con­tainers crossed the bor­der on Saturday, while the rest of empty vehi­cles would reach Paki­stan next week.

Sarhadi requested 24/7 opening of Pak-Af­ghan Torkham and Cha­man for trade on perma­nent basis, on which the Afghan consul general also agreed.

He praised the efforts of Najeebullah Ahmadzai for strengthening the bi­lateral trade between Pa­kistan and Afghanistan and proactive measures to resolve longstanding demands and issues of