Peshawar         -         The Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) has provided the sixth batch of safety equipment to 49 hospitals of the province to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

According to details, 10500 N-95 masks, 15750 KN-95 masks and 105000 surgical face masks are provided along with 31,500 protective suits, 21,000 shoe covers, 5250 pairs of surgical gloves, 1050 face shields and 630 protective goggles to the hospitals.

Director General PDMA Perviz Khan said, they have dispatched the safety equipment to the hospitals as per the NDMA guidelines.

He further said that the provincial government is providing all possible support to the masses and concerned departments in this hour of need.

The PDMA has provided  an overall number of 791,000 surgical masks, 180,000 pair of gloves, 16800 personal protective kits, 85000 KN-95 mask, 32000 N-95 masks, 57000 safety suits, 70000 surgical caps, 83000 shoe covers, 60000 VTM (MGI), 35000 BGI Testing Kits (50 Test), 49000 Sansure Bio Tech Kits (24 Test), 75000 Sampling Swab, 11600 Bio Hazard Bags and other safety equipment to concerned departments including, health department, hospitals, concerned departments and district administrations for quarantine centers and others to support them to counter coronavirus in the province.