BADIN - People of different walks of life, including representatives of political parties, members of the civil society and right activists held a protest demonstration here outside the Badin Press Club on Saturday against the issuance of fake domiciles to the outsiders. They vowed to run a vigorous campaign against the illegal issuance of domiciles and the officials involved in the scam.

According to reports, protest rallies, demonstrations and sit-ins were held in different cities and towns of Sindh on Saturday, including Badin, Matli, Kario Ganhwar, Raju Khanani, Seerani, Kadhan and Nindo as part of the campaign against the issuance of hundreds of fake domiciles to the aliens and their employment in various districts of the province. The protestors demanded immediate cancellation of domiciles.

A large number of people from leading youth organisations such as ‘Nowjuwan Sujag Tehreek’ and representatives of the civil society, including Darya Khan Khoso, Javed Mandhro, Ali Hyder Soomro, Sarfaraz Khaskheli, Shahbaz Sheedi and Sadam Pathan were prominent among the protestors.

Addressing the protestors, the speakers equated the issuance of fake domiciles with a robbery committed in a broad daylight against the indigenous people. On the other hand in Matli, representatives of different political organisations, including Sarmad Rustmani, Advocate Zahid Hussain, Ali Raza Sodho, Azad Arsalan and others said that people from outside of Sindh had managed to obtain domiciles after paying hefty bribes.