ISLAMABAD                  -          Despite the sharp surge in novel coronavirus (COVID-19)cases in the city, the Federal Government Services (FGS) Polyclinic Hospital opened all of its Outpatient Departments (OPD) for citizens on Saturday.

As per the National Command and Operation Center (NCOC) dashboard, 91 more COVID-19 cases were reported in the city in last 24 hours taking the toll to 2192. The number of deaths in the city due to the virus has reached 23 while 161 recovered.

A senior doctor at FGS Polyclinic Hospital said that the decision of opening of the OPDs has been taken at a time when the COVID-19 cases in the city are at their peak.

“Around 60 to 80 COVID-19 cases have been reported in previous one week,” said the doctor.

The doctor said that the general OPD at FGS Polyclinic recieves around 7000 patients daily and opening of OPDs will be a risk in this situation.

FGS Polyclinic Hospital has around one dozen OPDs including Surgery, Medicine, ENT, Eye, Gastro, Peads, Urology, Gynae and Dental.

Senior officials of the hospital said that now the markets have also been opened by the government and number of COVID-19 cases will also increase and if situation went worse, the hospital does not have the capacity of accommodating patients in its wards. Officials said that earlier, one doctor was confirmed with the virus and 30 others residing in the doctors’ hostel were quarantined. Nurses and paramedics of the hospital were also infected with the virus.

Ministry of National Health Services (NHS) data said that 174 healthcare workers in the federal city have been infected with the COVID-19. Data said that the virus was confirmed in 73 doctors, 46 nurses and 55 other healthcare staff.

It also said that 157 healthcare workers have been put in home isolation and three were in hospital and all admitted were in stable condition. Thirteen healthcare professionals have been discharged and one died in the city. The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) expressing its concerns expressed concerns over the increasing number of novel coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and deaths of doctors due to the virus. In a statement issued, PMA said that it is very much concerned over the increasing number of deaths of doctors in Pakistan due to coronavirus.

It said that the situation is worsening day by day for healthcare workers, so we once again request all the concerned authorities to take appropriate steps to protect the frontline soldiers. All sections of the society should play their role to aware the masses to adopt all the required preventive measures to avoid coronavirus. Spokesperson FGS Polyclinic Hospital Dr. Imtiaz Ahmed talking to The Nation confirmed that OPDs have been opened. He said that all OPDs have been opened from Saturday and will be functional like earlier.

Spokesperson Ministry of NHS SajidHussain Shah said that the OPDs of the FGS Polyclinic Hospital have been opened following the new strategy under which no COVID-19 suspect will be brought to this hospital.

FGS Polyclinic and National Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine (NIRM) will be declared green hospital where no COVID-19 patient will be brought. He said that the Federal General Hospital (FGH) and a new 250 bedded hospital will be red facilities which will only receive the COVID-19 patients.

He said the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) will be in yellow category that will receive COVID-19 and non COVID-19 patients.

He said that the government along with implementing the restrictions has toalso facilitate the patients seeking healthcare in public facilities.

He said that all SOPs in the hospitals will be implemented to control the spread while doctors in OPDs will be provided the Personal Protection Equipment.