KARACHI - Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Central Vice President and parliamentary leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh on Saturday has said that PPP has ruined Sindh in the name of 18th amendment.

He visited different areas of Malir district of Karachi and on public complaint he visited Asifa Bhutto Degree College and Secondary Girls School, Goth Saleh Mohammad Degree College where buildings were built for not functional since long time. Addressing the media persons during visit to Asifa Bhutto Degree College, Haleem Adil Sheikh said there were different stories of theft available in Sindh in which PPP provincial government built the graveyard of 18th amendment.

He said that buildings of many high schools and primary schools including Asifa Bhutto Girls Degree College, Boys Degree College, Secondary Girls School had been constructed in different areas of Malir for a long time but till today there were not functional, education of locality were being affected by education department of Sindh. The PTI’s Central Vice President said that in the last few days, there had been a lot of emphasis on whether there was any unintentional violation of the 18th Amendment, it is thought the 18th Amendment would have benefited the people greatly.

A few days ago PTI visited Government High School Gharibabad in Dadu where more than two hundred buffaloes were kept in schools. He said schools and colleges in Sindh had been turned into animal sanctuaries.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said “we are not against the 18th Amendment, 18 Amendment is a very good amendment for Autonomy of the provinces, if the provinces are strong then the federation will be strong but unfortunately in Sindh, the 18th amendment was misused, money laundering was done by putting the budget received from the federation in the shape of fake accounts.”

The Parliamentary Leader in Sindh Assembly said that “we are going to the gross root level and showing the cemetery built on 18th amendment, the big building was built only for corruption, PPP had no interest in education in Sindh, neither did it provide any facilities to its voters.


 Many schools in Malir are deserted even after they were built, especially girls’ education was destroyed and built schools were not run till today,”


Haleem Adil Sheikh said that PTI was going in all over Sindh to show ugly face of the provincial government and show that how PPP had ruined Sindh, from Karachi to Larkana, the people have turned against the PPP.