During the present situation of lockdown due to coronavirus pandemic, we all are relying on social media and electronic media (TV mostly) rather than newspapers.

It is observed that the heavy load of internet browsing has been increased during the lockdown. Why so? Because now students are attending online lectures on educational institutes developed software’s as these institutions are closed for an unlimited time. Unlimited time means the dates of opening educational institutes is extending time-to-time.

Employers except for doctors, bankers, police, or army are working online while staying at home. Diverse software/apps are introduced like Zoom for online meetings and conferences.

Majority social groups are now becoming the platform to spread awareness regarding coronavirus. However, now many social groups are developing linkages to different industries, welfare organizations, and even encouraging their members to contribute to approaching needy people through its available resources. The Karakoram Club (TKC) is one of them. TKC is one of the biggest groups on social media famous for tourism and hoteling industry in Pakistan and at the international level.

During this pandemic, TKC is acting like a bridge that is connecting different communities of tourists, trekkers, mountaineers, climbers and local tourism industry including hotels, restaurants, tour guides and transportation vehicles regardless the gender, ethnicity and race. It also initiated many eco-friendly projects, for example, cleaning drives, Plant-A-Tree, running marathons. Further, we TKC team initiated helping hand project in the distribution of relief packages during earthquake disaster in AJK and now distributing one - month ration to needy families of Gilgit Baltistan during this coronavirus pandemic.

This is only one example of a Facebook social group that I shared here.