My 3-year-old grand daughter was spending a week in Lahore on Eid. With no electricity to keep the child amused, my husband had this brilliant idea about outdoor activities. It was, thus, that I had the opportunity to visit two of Lahore's well-known parks. The disappointment cannot be put in words. Jallo Park, when it was launched, I remember bringing my kids to. At that time, we had thought Lahorites were so lucky that they had these amazing places to go to. But it is nothing but a heap of garbage now with some stinking cages, which have never seen a broom. The green algae-ridden ponds in the middle of the cages with bird droppings are nauseating. There is no sign of maintenance staff anywhere. I drove through acres and acres of park and not one gardener could be seen working. The toilets could kill anyone with their sight not to mention the horrendous smell, the walkways are covered with wild growth, and the sides made of concrete broken. The few benches that were in the park were placed at odd places and the area around them filthy. I could not see any garbage disposal in the park. There was no place we could find clean drinking water. -ZAHIRA AKRAM, Lahore, via e-mail, October 18.