The continuing turmoil in the global financial markets has resulted in widespread panic in West. Their experts have emphasized that the crisis is a direct consequence of unbridled 'sub-prime' financing by banks, a malaise unique to the western markets. However, considering Pakistan's fragile economic state, the slightest ripple can tip over the country's economy into a downward spiral of destruction. A very significant role has to be played in this crisis by our national media as the representatives of Pakistan's people and guardians of our national interest. But  by propagating unverified facts about key financial institutions of the country, the first stone in itself has been cast by the media even though it proved to be grist of the rumour mills. It is heartening to note that having realized this error of judgment; the very same media then took the initiative to put things right by extensively featuring statements from eminent financial and economic experts including Shamshad Akhtar (SBP), Dr Ishrat Hussain (SBP) and Aftab Manzoor of Pakistan Banks Association. These experts have alleviated public concerns to some extent. One must encourage more experts from within the country to come forward and educate the public on this issue vital to our economic integrity. -TALIB UL HAQ, Islamabad, via e-mail, October 19.