ISTANBUL (Agencies) - Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani Thursday told the international community that Pakistan has taken a number of bold and effective steps to fight against terrorism and extremism to ensure world peace and security through implementing 3P strategy, comprising peace, progress and prosperity. Addressing the plenary session of the World Economic Forum meeting on Europe and Central Asia here, the Prime Minister said Pakistan has the capability and ability to play important role in ensuring world peace and security but facing lack of resources. He urged the international community to extend its full support and cooperation to Pakistan for achieving the goals of peace and development and said very soon the world would listen good news that Pakistan has combated terrorism with world support. The Prime Minister said Pakistan would not allow violation of its sovereignty and urged the international community to ensure that there should be no violation of Pakistan's sovereignty, adding that Pakistan would not allow any one to use its territory to attack its neighbours. Prime Minster Gilani said Pakistan has taken a number of steps to fight against terrorism. He said Pakistan and Afghanistan shared an extremely difficult over 2400-km border which they manage. He said Pakistan has established over 1000 checkposts on its border between Pakistan and Afghanistan while NATO forces set up only 100 checkposts on their side. He said Pakistan also introduced biometric system for the checking of movement across the border but due to lack of education and other logistic problems it could not be fully operational. The Prime Minister said Pakistan has discussed the issue with President of Afghanistan so that the biometric system could be fully operational to check the movement across the border. Gilani explained to the world community that Pakistan has adopted three-pronged strategy to tackle the issue of terrorism and extremism that include talks with those who denounce terrorism and lay down arms, adding that there will be no negotiation with terrorists. He said the second prong of the strategy is to take effective steps for poverty alleviation as ignorance, lack of basic facilities like health, education and drinking, lack of jobs and other needs to the people are also major root cause of terrorism. He said the third and the last resort is to use force against the militants who are disturbing the law and order situation causing major threat to the economic stability. He said army action was not the permanent solution to the problem of terrorism, therefore, other options should be given more consideration to eliminate this menace. The Prime Minister said Pakistan People's Party lost its leader Benazir Bhutto in this war against terror as she was assassinated by the terrorists so Pakistan has been taking steps to fight the war in its own interest. The Prime Minister said Pakistanis are bold and have the courage to fully participate in the war against but its very difficult war and need very strong law enforcing agencies to tackle it. He asked the international community to extend full support and cooperation in further strengthening these agencies. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his opening remarks at the plenary session of the World Economic Forum said world should join hands to face the economic and security challenges. He said the regional disputes should be resolved through negotiations and talks. The Turkish Prime Minister said now it is the time to double standard and taken joint action to resolve regional disputes and face terrorism. Founder of World Economic Forum Klaus Schwab, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan Igor Chudinov, and President of Latvia Valdis Zatlers also spoke on the occasion. Earlier, Gillani said peace and stability in the South Asian region was must for the progress and development of Pakistan and to curb extremism, terrorism menaces world assistance is also imperative. Expressing his views during a joint sitting of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Turkish head of states, the Premier stated that world community should extend its support for the region to restore peace and stability in the South Asian region While speaking on the occasion, Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said that Turkey would fully cooperate for the overall development and progress of the region and play its role to minimize the differences between both Afghanistan and Pakistan. Turkish Prime Minister further said Pakistan's economic structure had lots of opportunities for the foreign investors who can invest their capital over the basis of hundred percent shares in the Pakistan's economy and mutual relations between Pakistan and Turkey could be cemented further through cooperation in the fields of culture, economy and politics. While highlighting the ongoing energy crisis, he said that energy was such a domain where opportunities for foreign investment were far greater in Pakistani fields of coal, oil and gas and to upgrade its trade Pakistan's government was working on the its National programs of roads comprising of mega projects of avenues, aviation facilities, ports, railway and customs. Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan further informed that Turkish companies were already working on different construction projects in Pakistan and were planning to increase their investments in these mega projects.