LAHORE - Reacting to the arrest of two doctors by local police the Services Hospital doctors Thursday morning left the institute and blocked the Jail Road for five hours causing immense traffic mess. The hospital patients especially those admitted in the emergency and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) remained unattended for hours due to doctors' hours-long strike. It was one of the longest protests of the doctors in the City. A large number of patients could not reach the Services Hospital due to blockade of traffic on all the main roads leading to the institute, which has more hospitals both public and private in close vicinity. Some three hundred doctors including females medics of the Services Hospital led by Prof Faisal Masood, the Principal Services Institute of Medical Sciences Lahore went on strike and gathered on the Jail Road to protest the arrest of institute's doctors. Earlier, a hospital source said, the Principal Faisal Masood visited all the departments of the hospital and invited on-duty doctors to join the protest. After an hour-long struggle and pep talk he managed to motivate the medics to come out on the road in a procession led by him. The angry medics held strong protest demonstration by blocking the Jail Road for five hours creating immense inconvenience to the motorists and other road users as bumper-to-bumper traffic jam was witnessed on the Jail Road, Lahore Canal Road, The Mall and other main arteries of the City where lawyers too were on road recording their weekly protest. They were carrying placards bearing slogans against the Punjab government and the health department officers. The doctors also staged a sit-in on the road and chanted slogans against the government. Despite huge efforts from the police, the doctors were not ready to disperse without the release of doctors arrested the other day. Due to hours-long strike and protest, a large number of patients suffered great difficulties and returned without getting treatment from the Services Hospital. Many operations were postponed when hospitals doctors refused to attend the patients till the release of the arrested doctors. The Jail Road turned into battlefield when the Pakistan Medical Association office-bearers also joined the protest and the furious doctors exchanged hot words with the policemen and later scuffled with them. The reason of scuffle between them was that some police officials asked the angry doctors to leave one side of the road for smooth flow of traffic and ambulances carrying patients/injured finding no way to reach the hospitals due to traffic jam. The doctors however, refused to clear the road for traffic and continued protest till the release of the arrested doctors due to which some policemen turned hostile. Unrest continued on the Jail Road in front of the Services Hospital creating a lot of trouble for the road users. Addressing the doctors, Prof. Dr Faisal Masood said that the Punjab government was not serious in resolving problems of the medics providing treatment in the public hospitals and instead helping them out has been harassing them by unfair means. "Arrest of doctors and sending them to jail is not a solution of the issue," he said adding, if the Punjab government continued treating the doctors in the same manner, the doctors of all the public hospitals of the province would come on the roads and government would be responsible for the any untoward incident. The doctors however, dispersed when some parliamentarians of PML-N and senior government officers intervened, held negotiations and assured them that their demands will be taken up at the highest level. They further told the protestors that the Chief Minister had ordered the police for the immediate release of the doctors. It is pertinent to mention here that doctors went on strike after the local police booked six doctors and arrested two of them for their criminal negligence, which caused death of a youth in the hospital. The doctors administered the victim Ibrar Ahmad wrong blood causing his instant death. He was sole breadwinner of his family. Police had taken action on the inquiry report of high-level committee constituted by the Chief Minister Punjab.