LAHORE - Students at Government College University on Thursday condemned police deployment in the varsity premises and raids conducted at the residences of the students, while some were of the view that students were also responsible for the incident took place in the institution as 80 per cent students often do not attend the classes. University Registrar, Sahibzada Faisal Khursheed said that all the mess was created by certain mischievous elements and their cases had already been referred to the disciplinary committee. They would be hopefully expelled from the university within next few days. He was of the view that they had persuaded rest of the students to stage protest and media also projected the issue. Some other students in the university said that obtaining leave in the GCU was a herculean task as leave book during last month remained unavailable to the students and the name of the students even going on a single day leave were also struck off from the varsity. A student seeking anonymity said that in the university only medical leave was allowed and there was no concept of casual leave. A student who was athlete and sustained serious injuries during practice was not allowed more than two days leave. He said that the name of a student who got top position in the first year exam getting 483 marks was also struck off as he remained absent for a single day from the institution. To a question that why such attitude was being seen from the management they said that management was of the view that GCU wanted more discipline than that of any military institution. Referring a lecturer who was recommended by the doctor to be operated next day, another student said, management did not allow him to get himself operated but was asked to take class next day. Registrar, however, termed all these incidents baseless and said that there was leave Ordinance in the university and management would implement it at any cost and only parents of the students could seek leave for their children and no student would be allowed leave.