KARACHI (APP) - Sindh Home Minister, Dr. Zulfiqar Ali Mirza, has asked all the political parties especially the allies to play their role towards maintenance of law and order in Sindh and especially in the city of Karachi. Chairing a meeting here, he also asked them to ensure full cooperation with the law enforcement agencies. The meeting was attended by Sindh Minister Raza Haroon, Adviser to Sindh Chief Minister, Rashid Rabbani, member of Muttahida Qaumi Movement Rabita Committee Waseem Abbas, Sindh Home Secretary Arif Khan and IGP as well as CCPO Karachi. The Home Minister also asked the political parties' leadership to identify such elements who act on their own while violating the party policy thus bringing it a bad name, so that party disciplinary action could be taken against them besides initiation of action in accordance with the law. A committee was also formed under the chairmanship of Adviser Rashid Rabbani which will hold meetings with the allies and other political parties for taking steps for bringing about further improvement in the law and order situation. Home Minister told the meeting that traffic police will initiate a drive from November 3 against the vehicles plying with party flags, tinted glasses, revolving lights and without registration. He asked all the political parties to cooperate with the traffic police in such a drive.