Recently, American Assistant Secretary of State said that Pakistan would not get cash but only technical assistance from America. A Pakistani economist sharply reacted. According to him, the statement was an insult. Pakistan desperately needed cash and not technical assistance. Unfortunately, the economist was ignorant of the reality. He was unable to understand Mr Boucher's real intention. Mr Boucher knows that cash robberies are rampant in Pakistan. American cash must excite the Pakistani robbers. Mr Boucher wants Pakistan to be a robbery free country. His concern for Pakistan is touching Three cheers for Mr Boucher Pakistan has been eternally cash-starved. She has been eternally borrowing money from wherever it should be borrowed. She was born with a borrowing-bowl in her hands. So far, we have borrowed whole tankfuls of money. But we have never told the masses the reality. We have always told them that the borrowed money was not borrowed money but an 'aid'. We hate to call a cobra a cobra. We love to call it a honey-bee. Whenever, the masses are mistold that a loan is not a loan but an 'aid' they rejoice. They rejoice because they love to be deceived. Is genuine 'aid' money repayable? But a loan which we get and miscall it 'aid' is repayable with monstrous interest. Let's stop calling a loan an 'aid'. Let's call it what it really is. But we are scared. We just don't know how the masses might react if they were told the monstrous reality. Pakistan is hit hard by a severe dollar-famine. We desperately need help. China is our bosom friend. We knocked at China's door. So far the government has told the masses nothing about the net outcome of the knocking. The government believes that ignorance is a great bliss for the masses. The contemporary China is two years younger than Pakistan. China won independence in 1949. We won freedom in 1947. During her 59 years of independence, China has progressed faster than the speed of a missile. For more than twenty years, the entire nation, including the president, used bicycles for transporational purposes. Whole oceanfuls of money were thus saved. The entire money was invested in industry. Thus by bicycling and bicycling and bicycling, China has got to the seventh heaven of economic progress. China has demonstrated that economics is all a game of legs. What have we done during our 61 years old freedom? We have borrowed and borrowed and borrowed money torrentially. And we have misspent and misspent and misspent it torrentially. We have demonstrated that economic is all a game is misspending. China's and Pakistan's economic philosophies are poles apart. And yet they are bosom friends. The friendship is a purely Platonic friendship. Let's temporarily forget about China and have a look at another friend. It is America. Of course, America is not our bosom friend. But that doesn't matter. After all a friendship is a friendship whatever its nature. For America, Pakistan is a political 5-star hotel. President Bush has hired the entire hotel for political and military recreation. The period for which the hotel is hired is not known even to the hotel management. If the Pakistani masses were to be critical, America could defend herself by asserting that the hotel was hired only for assisting Pakistan's tourism industry. Let's have another look at America vis--vis Afghanistan. When the Taliban governed Afghanistan their administration was an absolutely corruption-free administration. This has been confirmed by various NATO functionaries in the country. It was only because of this honesty that the Taliban were able to completely exterminate the cultivation of the poppy-crop. Had the Taliban continued to govern, the West would have been completely deprived of the Afghan opium. But such a deprivation was not acceptable to Bush. He decided to exterminate the exterminators of the poppy-cultivation. He occupied Afghanistan and installed a government of his own fancy. The day the new government was installed was the day of the rebirth of the poppy-cultivation. Opium began to reflow to the West. The Western addicts were jubilant. They started chanting: Long live President Bush Long live the poppy-cultivation No doubt, the Taliban did commit certain blunders at the international level. For example, by destroying the Buddha statue they offended almost the entire world. They were dubbed religious fanatics. Even at the national level they did make certain serious mistakes. But overall, their regime was a regime of ideal justice and equality. For example, no ruler ate unless every citizen had filled his stomach. And the rulers ate what the masses ate. What a unique brand of social equality The West is condemning the Taliban's ill-doings. But it is not applauding their anti-opium crusade, their corruption-free governance and their ideal social equality. What a fanatical partiality The writer is an academic