LAHORE-The prospects of merger between PML (Q) and PML (N) seems pretty far-fetched as leaders from both sides are not ready to accept each other. It appeared that the idea of merger which again gained currency recently, have no takers at the moment in both the parties. The PML (N) sources disclosed that party Quaid Nawaz Sharif had already overruled the possibility of any such merger as long as the Chaudhrys of Gujrat are sitting on the top. In a party meeting with senior office-bearers present, PML (N) top man made it loud and clear that he would not deal with the Chaudhrys at any cost for unification. The sources said that Nawaz told the party men that he would not talk to the Chaudhrys even if the future of Punjab govt was at stake. The party leaders interviewed by The Nation, however, said that merger was possible only after excluding Chaudhrys from the process (or minus Chaudhrys). On the other side, with the exception of Ch. Shujaat Hussain, most party leaders in PML (Q) favour alignment with the PPP. Pervaiz Elahi harboured strong reservations over the idea of merger between the two Leagues. In a recent party meeting at Muslim League House, he ruled out any such unity as long as Sharifs do not mend their ways and stop witch hunting of his party workers. Former Punjab Chief Minister and his son are on the forefront in exploring the prospects of future cooperation with the PPP. The sources disclosed that Punjab Governor Salman Taseer met Pervaiz Elahi at his residence the other day. Sources privy to this meeting said that there was no progress made in the meeting between the two leaders. 'There is still a status quo. With push not coming from the top in PPP there is no head way', commented a PML (Q) leader However, Pervaiz Elahi's camp is still hopeful of better days ahead. Section in both parties strongly feel that alliance between the PPP and PML (N) would not survive for long, paving way for the PML (Q) and PPP to join hands both in the Punjab and Centre. Meanwhile, the activities of forward bloc have been spoiling this happy future vision. The PML (Q) rebels are now openly talking about change in party leadership. Some of them are being picked for Cabinet slots, raising doubts as if PPP top leader Asif Ali Zardari is behind the move orchestrated by the forward bloc to dislodge Chaudhrys from party leadership. Hence, the talk of change of leadership in the PML (Q) making rounds in the political circles.