MINGORA - In the light of successful negotiations, Taliban militants set free 62 abducted persons in Matta region of Swat District on Thursday. All the 62 persons were taken hostage by Taliban in a bid to block the establishment of traditional Lashkar against them. All 12 members of the Jirga, who floated the idea of Lashkar against Taliban were assassinated by Taliban a couple of days back in Gawalerai of Matta Tehsil, while two members of the Jirga including a retired army man had already been freed. As per details, a couple of days back Taliban militants ambushed a group of leading elders who were busy in arranging the establishment of a traditional Lashkar against the militants. During the first-ever clash with the traditional Lashkar, Taliban militants lost their important commander Shamsher along with two other companions, thus annoying the Taliban militants in the area. All the 12 leading elders of the area were either shot dead or slaughtered by Taliban militants. Muslim Khan spokesman of Taliban has already claimed responsibility of killing the Jirga members. Later the Taliban established check posts in their controlled areas throughout Matta region and took hostage more than 60 persons. They slaughtered three others on the charges of links with the government functionaries and having hostile attitude towards Taliban. However, later certain other elders from the area initiated negotiations with Taliban militants for reconciliation between the local people and the Taliban militants. At The elders' efforts were successful and Taliban agreed to set free the Jirga members. Muslim Khan spokesman of Taliban confirmed that they freed 62 persons as, what he claimed, a "goodwill gesture." He said that members of the reconciliation committee had assured that they would not endorse the government sponsored Jirgas and Lashkars against Taliban. Meanwhile, Hassan a close relative of Maulana Fazal Ullah, chief of Tehrik Taliban Swat was shot dead by unknown persons in his native village Imam Dheri near Mingora city on Thursday. It was the first-ever close relative of any Taliban leader who was shot dead mysteriously. The official circles apprehended similar mysterious killings in the region as the leading socio-political figures were intending to settle scores with Taliban. Agencies add: At least one civilian was killed and 12 others injured when a gunship helicopter shelled the militants hideouts in Kotlay Chowk area in Kabal Tehsil on Thursday. In another incident, militants fired rockets on security check posts in Charbagh area in the valley. However, no casualties have been reported from the area. Meanwhile, as many as 10 militants were killed while one was arrested as operation continued in Sarsanai in Swat Valley, says a Press release issued by Media Information Centre Mingora. The Press release said that security forces have killed 10 militants while one was arrested as troops have entered in the village Sarsanai of Tehsil Kabal and house clearance is in progress and in the process 3 miscreants were killed In another incident at Saidu Sharif Airport, two miscreants were injured during exchange of fire with security forces. Security forces also destroyed an ammunition dump of miscreants in Kotlai area of Tehsil Kabal where 7 militants were killed. According to BBC, curfew was also imposed in Brempul and Venipul. Sarseeni area of Kabbal Tehsil also has been under strict curfew for last four days, making life of local residents more miserable. Agencies add: Security forces Thursday arrested a top military commander and killed at least five other militants during military offensive in Mohmand Agency. Officials of Mohmand Rifles while briefing journalists here said security forces during a bloody encounter with militants in Darwazgai Qandro area arrested a local Taliban commander, Imran alias Mansoor in injured condition and killed five other militants. They said commander Mansoor was mastermind of pursuing suicide bombers and making suicide jackets for them and he had links with militants of Mehsud tribes and in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, after holding jirga with local tribesmen, the political administration of Mohmand Agency opened the main route till 03:00pm and also allowed opening of main Ghalaani and Mian Mandi bazaars. The APA Ghalani while talking with APP said the road and bazaars were opened on the request of local tribesmen. Meanwhile, some unknown militants here on Thursday kidnapped Councilor and brother of Senator Rashid Khan from Sadda area in Lower Kurram Agency. Officials of local political administration told this agency that some unknown kidnappers picked up Nadar Khan Councilor from Parachamkani area from Sadda town and shifted to unknown location.