FAHEEM RAZA & SHAFI BALOCH  KARACHI - An inquiry team, led by PPP MNA Syeda Nafisa Shah, has assured the family of Tasleema Solangi, who was declared kari and allegedly thrown to dogs, of foolproof security and asked them to record their statements, Zakira Solangi, mother of the deceased, told The Nation here on Thursday. Sources said that SP Investigation Ghulam Akbar Wagan had informed the MNA that Tasleema Solangi was shot dead with a pistol and that neither she was thrown before dogs nor she was pregnant at the time of her murder. The SP has also, reportedly, said that the lady doctor who conducted the post-mortem of the girl did not mention any sign of torture on her body nor confirmed that she was pregnant. Wagan claimed that police have arrested four persons. He said that inquiry team would send its report to President Asif Ali Zardari. Meanwhile, Nafisa Shah, accompanied with police officers of the district, visited Tasleema's home village Hajina Shah, where she met some elders of the village and also with female relatives of the deceased girl to get details of the gory incident. Shah said she was trying to find out the actual story and only the facts would determine the fate of the case. She said the criminals would be brought to justice and given an exemplary punishment. She said she would also meet the accused, adding her inquiry would be completed within two days. Tasleema Solangi was killed cold-bloodedly on the pretext of Karo Kari and since then her family was living in Karachi. Nafisa Shah also assured the victims' relatives that the investigation will be neutral and stern action will be taken against those involved. On the other hand, a local journalist, Ajeeb Lakho working for a Sindhi newspaper, told The Nation that a head constable of Ahmed Pur Police Station informed him about the brutal killing of Tasleema Solangi. "I saw the dead body of ill-fated Tasleema Solangi after reaching the Wada Machi Police Station", Lakho claimed, adding it seemed that a wild animal had bitten her body. Lakho said that in his story, he had clearly mentioned that there were marks of dog bites on Tasleema's legs and feet. Talking to The Nation, deceased's mother said that after the incident MNA Syeda Nafisa Shah visited their native village and assured foolproof security for her family. "The concerned DPO wanted us record our statements but we had no confidence in the police and on personal guarantee of Syeda Nafisa Shah, we recorded our statements" she added. She alleged that rather than saving the life of her daughter, police were helping the killers. Asif, brother of Tasleema Solangi, demanded that a new FIR of the case should be registered against the people who had declared his sister Kari and subjected her to inhuman custom. He said the tribal chief Zameer Solangi, deceased's father-in-law, his uncle Karim Bux and other relatives including Rehmatullah should be arrested for declaring Tasleema a Kari. Asif disclosed that all of the accused are residing in Karachi with their relatives. He rejected the post-mortem report and claimed his sister was thrown to dogs before her brutal killing.