The nation is confronting terrorist attacks every day while the government is busy waxing eloquent about the Kerry-Lugar Bill. There is a huge outcry in the country against the KBL. The military, meanwhile, is busy in the operation it has launched against terrorists. No concrete results have been achieved so far. The terrorist attacks are increasing day by day. The whole Pakistan is one terrorized country. We are all insecure in our own homeland. In all of this, our economic crisis is also continuing unabated. The government is busy but busy in corruption rather than doing anything to these crises. The scandalous matter of measures to address the electricity shortfall is the prime example of corrupt practices within the government. At this time of all round disaster, the government needs to chalk out some plans corresponding to the national priorities to properly confront each challenge. The first priority should be to create a secure environment for life and business to come back in motion. This is only possible through serious and diligent action to upgrade the level of performance of the security agencies in the country. Second priority should be reduction of high prices of commodities so that the common man is, finally, freed from the worry of failing to even provide for basic subsistence to his family. Third priority should be accorded to the energy crisis that actually underpins the larger economic crisis in Pakistan. This is the major threat to our future. Kerry-Lugar Bill seems unlikely to help in resolving any or all of these challenges. Only a firm government resolve would make it possible. -M. SHAHAAB LODHI, Rawalpindi, October 30.