The security forces claimed Saturday killing as many as seven militants while four sustained injures during clashes with miscreants amid ongoing SWA operation, a private TV reported ISPR sources as quoting. According to sources, forces-militants clashes got intensified in many parts of agency on Saturday morning wherein several militants strongholds were bombed, resulting in death of seven militants and four militants were injured, meanwhile, some others were arrested. Forces land troops together with PAF jet planes and gunship helicopters partook in military action in many areas of agency including Kanogaram, Sarar Rogha, Todachen and Makeen. The forces operation Rah-e-Nijat, clearing agency of extremists is successfully underway, sources added. Security forces cleared off many areas and established there checkposts in many key posts of agency including the residential places of mastermind of suicide bombing Qari Hussain and Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsood, sources said.