ISLAMABAD - Even a tentative glance at the artwork of Haleem Khan supports the belief that art is a vibrant science. The delicacy in playing with different vibrant techniques of art is undoubtedly a skill that only belongs to him. A solo exhibition of the artwork of a Balochistan-based artist Haleem Khan, who is a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from the University of the Punjab, opened at Hunerkada here yesterday (Friday). Chairman Capital Development Authority (CDA) Imtiaz Inayat Elahi inaugurated the exhibition. Haleems work carries the atrocities of the Balochi terrain, however he does not portray the visible and tangible reality of the mountains of his land, but deals with the deep reality that torments his inner being. He draws a parallel between the political violence that confronts his people and with the metaphor of a poisonous snake. He cleverly conceives this by indirectly applying snakeskin texture on the canvas, to which he adds the images of people who seem to be at a loss in their predicament - they stare out of the canvas sad, bewildered, and shocked. Haleems artwork does not convey direct meanings, but he uses oil, acrylic, pointer, and mixed medium on leather and canvas to portray the violence that has captured the minds of the people hit by it. Haleem says that his work shows that violence has not affected only a particular class of people, but every single person in Balochistan. A painting showing the colour green, the special colour of Muslims, with visible cracks in it that directs our thoughts at the need for Muslims unite to combat violence. Another painting portrays the unity among the Pakistanis showing that all things have not dissolved and there is hope of unity among the countrymen to fight against any kind of violence. The exhibition will continue till the 6th of next month (November).