The provision of requisite and efficient security to schools and colleges in the country is the responsibility of government. The government possesses advanced security equipment and techniques that are at the disposal of its security agencies. For the maintenance and up keep of this security apparatus, billions are poured annually. Since the situation has created extra security needs, the government would have to invest more effort and funds into safeguarding the citizenry. Most schools in the country are government-run and their budget comes from the state. It is unfair to pressurize schools and their administration to come up with security measures. It is tantamount to asking the public to fight on the borders in case of an enemy invasion on Pakistan. The rulers can enhance the budget for (extra) security by simply curbing the expense on luxury vehicles they buy for the army of their ministers or by curtailing useless overseas trips that all and sundry of the power elite embark upon almost every week. I think we need only this bit of good governance to begin with. -AMJAD HABIB MIRZA, Lahore, October 27.