KARACHI - Nearly 5 private elite educational institutions in the megalopolis have been sent threat letters by unknown people or groups, denouncing the Army operation in the South Waziristan. Missionary and community educational institutions are on the real risk of any possible terrorism, The Nation has learnt. Keeping in view the threat letters, the provincial government has beefed up the security and deployed additional contingent of police and Rangers in and around the said institutions that include some elite private universities and schools, a government official said. He said that the government was trying to protect all educational institutions in the City, while missionary and community schools were in real danger. On the other hand, parents and guardians of the students are concerned about the law and order situation and reports of terrorism and some of them are not willing to send their children to the institutions. Some schools managements are of the view that their schools running with around 90 per cent attendance of the students; but the situation required fool proof security for the educational institutions. When Director Private Institutions, Sindh, Mansoob Siddiqui was contacted by The Nation on Friday, he said that the government was trying to provide the organisations with all necessary security tips and techniques to prevent institutions from any untoward situation. He said that an eight-point security plan had already been given to all the private schools just after the reopening of all private and government schools in the province which were closed for four days from October 21 to 24. All administrations of the schools are directed to replace buildings doors and window glasses with gas-based glasses which are being used in vehicles wind screens so that casualties could be minimised in case of any incident, he said. Under the plan, all administrations of the schools are advised to issue ID cards to school bus drivers and vendors, while try to avoid setting any mob outside the schools buildings. BOMB HOAX AT SAINT JOSEPH SCHOOL Conversely, a bomb hoax at the primary section of Saints Joseph School on Friday morning created immense panic and fear among the students and staff of the Saint Joseph School, The Nation has learnt. The hoax forced the law enforcement agencies to cordon off and evacuate the school building, a source in the school said. He said that the building had been cleared after few moments while the school routine was suspended for nearly 15 minutes. It is pertinent to mention here that some senior officials of the Sindh Education Department were unaware about the event when they were contacted.