ISLAMABAD Despite serious concerns raised by The National Assemblys Sub-Committee on Human Rights, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Pakistan has taken up the case to issue more visas to Americans, sources told TheNation on Friday. Necessary documentation is being done by MFA, while Pakistans Washington Embassy will be directed to issue more than 200 Visas to Americans shortly, Foreign Office sources said Friday. Earlier, on Thursday, officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs told the National Assemblys sub-committee on Human Rights that the American Embassy in Islamabad has applied for more than 200 visas. Also,the committee asked officials to be careful while issuing visas to Americans. However, setting aside directions of the Committee, MFA seems to be in a haste to issue visas to Americans, sources confided to TheNation. It is worth mentioning here that Pakistans Embassy in Washington has issued 26 diplomatic visas to American diplomats, 1200 to US army officials and 2500 to US citizens travelling for Afghanistan during the last 15 months. According to well-placed sources, the Foreign Office of Pakistan, in some cases of visa-applicant Americans, used its discretionary power for issuing them visas to enable them to come on short notice to Pakistan during the next couple of months. When contacted, an Official of the Foreign Office told this scribe, on condition of anonymity, that the Foreign Office of Pakistan uses its discretionary power for issuing visas to those who come at short notice to Pakistan and for a short period of time. Issuing of large number of visas to Americans has raised serious questions among many. There have been reports that Pakistans Embassy in Washington issued a large number of visas to US citizens without proper clearance from Islamabad. Though the Foreign Office denied these reports, but source not only confirmed this but also said such a practice was still continuing. Since US tourists are not exactly flocking to Pakistan, Pakistans Washington Embassy is suspected of having facilitated private US security agents to enter Pakistan. A spate of recent reports have exposed the presence of private American security firms on Pakistani soil, as well - and all heavily armed.