KARACHI - Renowned social worker and founder of Edhi Foundation, Haji Abdul Sattar Edhi on Friday feared that the country was inching towards a bloody revolution owing to the current war on terror, political anarchy and social instability prevailing in the country. He was addressing a Press Conference here at the Karachi Press Club on his return from a peace visits to Waziristan and other tribal areas. Edhi expressed his concerns over the current situation across the country, saying that soaring prices of essential commodities and prevailing law and order situation was causing frustration and anger among people. This dilemma warrants prompt and head-on initiatives, look terrorism has direct nexus with the poverty and the government must tackle the situation immediately or else there will be South Waziristan like episodes across the country, he elaborated. Abdul Sattar Edhi said that he had visited several troubled areas of the tribal bilt where he took out peace rallies to give a message of peace to people. The law enforcement agencies did not allow me to take out peace rallies in Multan, Dera Ismail Khan and Lahore due to law and order situation, he said, adding that later he started his walk for peace from Tank District that ended in Waziristan passing through several other tribal areas, wherein locals welcomed him with open arm. He strongly condemned the on-going terrorists attacks across the country, saying that the name of religion was being misused by the extremists. He said that he had conveyed his peace message to the tribalmen as well as to Taliban during his visit to Waziristan. I told them no body can impose their will on people by force, Edhi said, adding that but Taliban responded that their struggle was for the establishement of peace. To a query, he replied that Taliban had also denied responsibility for the bomb blast in Peshawar a couple of days ago and they (Taliban) also told him that some other agencies were behind the the attacks. He termed the rulers resposible for the current worst situation in the country, saying that injustice, poverty, soaring prices of essential commodities and the poor law and order situation caused frustration among people. Listen there are so many things that contributed to this phenomenon however, the fact is that it not happened over night and repective government are responsible for that, he detailed. Abdul Sattar Edhi criticised the rulers, saying that the taxes being paid by people were embezzled and misused while taxpayers remained deprived of their basic needs. He also undelined the need for the introduction of strict law and imposition of regulations to collect taxes and make its utilization transparent.