ISLAMABAD Owing to delay in scrutiny of transference of land on the part of the Capital development Authority (CDA), residents of various localities, fall in the limits of proposed residential sectors C-13, C-14, C15 and C-16 are confronting immense difficulties in sale and purchase of their land. All the property related activities in such localities including Sarai Kharboza, Madhon, Shah Allah Ditta, Pun Paryan and Sangjani come to halt, as transference of land by the CDA held in abeyance. Buyers were waiting for the completion of process of scrutiny by the CDA for future fair deals. Locals are in a fix over the issue as in open market no buyer was available who could purchase their land. Season of marriages is in full swing and in this season we used to sell part of our land to fulfil this responsibility, however, due to the complete negligence of the authorities concerned the scrutiny process of land transfer the buyers were not taking interest to purchase our land, lamented Muhammad Hussain, a resident of Shah Allah Ditta. It is pertinent to note here that CDA had initiated the scrutiny process some 13 months ago and still its completion hang in balance. The period, which was fixed for the process of scrutiny, was estimated six-month by the CDA officials. An official said that CDA would soon complete the process of scrutiny of land transfer and after that the civic agency would announce the award for the landowners in the said sectors. The authority would acquire land for these sectors under the Land Sharing Formula. Under this formula, the CDA would return one-fourth of the acquired land to the affected people free instead of compensating them, he added. According to the CDA record, currently the federal capital is facing a shortage of 40,000 housing units, which had inflated estate prices, the existing number of houses in Islamabad is 70,000 while another 110,000 housing units are required. On the other hand, the civic body has failed to complete development work on sectors D-12, G-12, I-14 and I-16, which were launched over 10 years ago.