There is a complete lack of remorse or responsibility in the provincial administration as far as the Peshawar blast tragedy is concerned. The Chief Secretary Peshawar, Sahibzada Anees is a Swabi resident posted since the donkey's years in the city and was here in the MMA government too. He has been unable to ensure safety of Peshawar but the administration is persisting with him. We just have checkposts here with no equipment and no foolproof security plan, a flaw amply demonstrated on October 28 when that car with payload of kilos of dynamite was roaming around freely in Peshawar. This, while they were claiming that they had done 'foolproof' arrangements. They do have police checkposts on Hayatabad entrance now but the policemen are without any equipment. They are there just to fool people. You have to remember that the dynamite-laden car was easily brought through these checkposts and parked square in front of the Swan Restaurant. With this state of failed affairs in Peshawar security, one wonders why Sahibzada Anees doesn't leave post of the Chief Secretary to some competent man. Governor Owais Ahmad Ghani, the man named in the FIR of the murder of Akbar Bugti, is the other top man in administration sitting cool without any remorse or guilt. Some allege he was responsible for making the present mess of law and order in Balochistan and did so deliberately. Is he not doing the same in NWFP too? Since Governor Ghani came to NWFP in 2007 from Balochistan, the terrorism incidents have increased from less than 10 in 2006 to more than 200 in 2009 in NWFP alone. He is the establishment's man, the central government representative who controls FATA from where the terrorists are striking. We, the residents of NWFP, demand the resignation of both of them as they have been able to control neither the law and order in FATA nor export of terrorism from tribal areas to rest of the NWFP. -DR. KHURRUM SHAUKAT YUSAFZAI, Peshawar, October 30.