NEW DELHI (APP) - In his reconciliatory gesture for the third day in succession, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh while seeking a neighbourhood of peace and prosperity, wished Pakistan success in its fight against terrorism. Pakistan is grappling with many internal problems. Rise of terrorism is one of them. I wish them success, Singh said in his inaugural address at Hindustan Times Leadership Summit in the Indian capital. Earlier, Manmohan during his two-day visit to Srinagar had expressed Indias willingness to resolve all issues with Pakistan peacefully through dialogue. India will be happy to extend a helpful and supportive hand to all its neighbours, he said, adding, We should not allow our past to limit our future. Our destiny is intrinsically linked with that of all our neighbours. We seek good relations with all of them...we see our security and prosperity in their progress and stability. We sincerely wish to resolve all outstanding issues with our neighbours through dialogue and in the spirit of partnership and friendship that should rightly categorise our relations, the Indian premier said. When asked about Indias relations with China, Singh said he had more than one occasion said that both the countries had immense opportunities to work together in cooperation. (This is) because there is ample space in the world to accommodate the growth ambitions of both India and China.