ISLAMABAD - Supreme Court (SC) has finally approved an interim agreement inked between the government and sugar mills owners aimed at ensuring availability of sugar to consumers at Rs 40 per kg in every nook and corner of the country. The 3-member bench, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, is hearing sugar price case here Friday. During the course of proceeding, the court was also informed that the government, with the consensus of all stakeholders, was bringing National Sugar Policy 2009-10 next week. The petition would remain pending in the SC until it is ensured that sugar is available at fixed prices to common man. However, the court adjourned the hearing for indefinite time period thus disposing of all the stakeholders and approving the new policy by November 30. The core of agreement is to provide sugar to domestic consumers at the rate of Rs40 per kg whereas 70 percent sugar from present reservoirs will be used for commercial and 30 percent for domestic consumer. Chief Justice appreciated the efforts of Secretary Finance Salman Sadique and observed that sugar mills would be allowed crushing the sugarcane freely. Earlier, Shah Khawar, Acting Attorney General, informed the court that sugar mills would release 30 percent of available stock of sugar for domestic consumption and remaining 70 percent would be released for industrial consumption. Arrangements would be monitored and regulated by the government on daily basis maintaining ratio of 30/70 percent, he added. Each province will ensure distribution of sugar to domestic consumers through individual 'Distribution Mechanism and would constantly monitor and improve the same, he explained. He further informed the bench that the consumption of sugar on daily base in country was 11,400 metric tons. verage daily consumption of sugar in Punjab was 6,000 metric tons, 2,400 metric tons in Sindh, 2,000 metric tons in NWFP and 1,000 metric tons in Balochistan, he explained. So far as stocks of sugar is concerned in jurisdiction of provinces is 3,78,000 metric tons till date. In view of above, the stocks of sugar are likely to last till 30th November 2009 approximately; Shah Khawar told the honourable court. The cabinet under the chair of Prime Minister shall consider National Sugar Policy 2009-2010 next week. The court was also informed that Provincial Chief Ministers would attend the meeting. Trading Corporation of Pakistan shall provide back-up support for the domestic consumers for the deficient provinces as per need from the available stocks. Besides, secretary finance told the court that provinces, which produced sugar, have set their own system to ensure availability of sugar at Rs 40 per kg, while Balochistan has been ensured the early availability of sugar. During the hearing Khawaja Haris expressed his concerns over the price fixing of sugarcane which crushing season is on card now. Senior lawyer Hafeez Pirzada again emphasized on the arrangements, which may lead the decision towards implementation in its real sense. The report was submitted to the court on behalf of secretary finance, Salman Sadique, Secretary Food Punjab, Tahir Raza Naqvi, Secretary Agriculture Sindh, Agha Jan Akhtar, Secretary Industry Punjab Rao Manzoor, PSMA Chairman, Javid Kiani, Chairman dealers PSMA, Iskandar Khan, Shahid Karim Advocate PSMA, Riaz Butt, Ijaz Ahmed Awan Advocate, Sheikho Sugar Mills Ltd, Nauman Mushtaq Awan, Syed Ali Zaffar, Makka Sugar Mills Ltd, Zia-ur- Rehman, Advocate General, Jamaluddin, secretary Food, and Farooq Bajawa Advocate participated in the meeting held Friday night. Ahmad Khan, Secretary Food NWFP, Rana Asad Amin, AFS, Shah Khawar, AAGP and Abdul Ghaffar also signed the agreement. While talking to media, Salman Siddiqu thanked the government and the superior court for approving the agreement and assured the availability of sugar on Rs 40 per kg to domestic consumers. The interests of the consumers and sugar industry will be protected in new sugar policy, he added. Farooq Bajwa Advocate, who was party in the said case, did not sign the agreement. He gave the reason that approved formula is for dying stock, which will suffer the consumers within a month. Iskandar Khan told the media that there was no dearth of sugarcane in the country and early availability of sugar supply would be made in the new crushing season being commenced next week. Earlier, the SC had set a deadline for both the government and the sugar mills owners to reach final decision with consensus by October 29.