The formation of the Muttahida Muslim League at the Kingri House in Karachi led by Pir Pagaro, in which various splinter groups of the party joined forces to become a single entity, minus PML-N and PML-Q, is not an event that can be hailed as a victory for the democratic polity. On the other hand, it has gravely disappointed all those who had thought that the politicians would come of age in such trying circumstances. The political spectrum was already in bad shape owing to the prevailing squabbles and bickering among the politicians, calling for the need for unity among the leaders, especially the opposition whose duty to keep a check on the governments conduct was felt ever more urgent. The efforts of Pir Pagaro to call on the PML-N to join the new alliance keeping in view the turbulent times the country was going through, could not kindle a change of heart so far as Mian Nawaz Sharif was concerned. To allay the fears that he only wanted to enter the corridors of power, Pir Pagaro had categorically stated that it was not his desire to hold any office and that he was urging the unification of PML. Further, he said that the PML-N chief could get any position on the basis of his mandate the next time the new alliance forms the government. However, now not only has Mian Nawaz missed the bus, but a golden opportunity to forge unity among the squabbling leaders and form a strong cohesive opposition has also been wasted. We are seeing the flip side of PML-Ns unyielding stance. The Muslim League that was once led by the Quaid-i-Azam and was able to achieve such a feat as the creation of Pakistan, would remain divided and thoroughly disoriented. The next time general elections are held, the rivals of the PML, traditionally the PPP, would once again stand victorious owing to a split vote and that might lead to a hung parliament and could simply bring the legislation process to a standstill. A dark day for democracy in Pakistan