According to a recent survey conducted by Transparency International, Power producing companies of Pakistan have crossed all the limits of corruption, mismanagement and incompetence and have been ranked as one of the top five corrupt institutions of Pakistan. These corrupt power companies have not only made the lives of the people miserable by unscheduled loadshedding but also by increasing the price of electricity units for domestic and commercial consumers. The recent example is that commercial consumers were charged Rs. 7.89 per unit by PESCO during the month of September but all of a sudden Rs. 4 were added to per unit for commercial and domestic consumers in the electricity consumers bills of the current month. This decision was sudden and surprising because on October 25, NEPRA had decided reduction of 36 Paisa per unit for all consumers. The increases in electricity charges has further added to the hardships of the people and exposed the failure of the government. It also reveals the fact that the present government does not honour the promises, which are being made with the people and has tarnished its own image in the eyes of the public. May the Chief Justice of Pakistan take Suo Moto notice of the recent un-announced price hike to save the poor people of Pakistan from the cruel clutches of NEPRA (National Electricity Power Regulatory Authority)? BASHIR HUSSAIN AZAD, Chitral, October 28.