Asad Abdul Rahman Israeli minds are now being increasingly influenced by religious zealots, who were behind the catastrophe that befell the Jews at the hands of the Romans. Could history repeat itself? Current Israeli policies appear now as being determined by a self-created religious dogma produced by an egotistical superiority complex, which absolutely has nothing to do with the holy spiritual message of the Torah. This zealous trend of religiosity is now seeking to maintain the notion of an eternal conflict with the Arabs. Israeli columnist Uzi Benziman wrote: Based on such a notion, there would be no possibility for a peaceful settlement with the Palestinians whose hatred towards Israel has no limits. Should Israel withdraw from the West Bank, Palestinians might wage attacks from [the towns of] Nablus and Qalqelia. Should Israel agree to the establishment of an independent Palestinian State, the Palestinians [in 1948 areas] would demand that the Jewish nature of the State of Israel be relinquished. In the same trend, Rafi Smith, a political consultant and head of an Israeli polling firm, wrote: The Israeli public is leaning more towards the extreme right and its support for the extreme right parties is on the rise, quite the opposite of what is taking place in the western world. According to public polls conducted by the Israeli Dahaf Institute, 56 percent believed that PM Netanyahu is not serious about reaching a peaceful settlement with the Palestinians and that his willingness to negotiate with them was a direct result of US pressure only. Furthermore, 51 percent gave their support for the continuation of colony building on Palestinian lands, and 71 percent said they were convinced that no peaceful settlement would ever be finalised during the negotiations, now suspended. A third poll run by Tel Aviv University and the Israel Democracy Institute, showed that 54 percent of Israelis believe that Israel is isolated internationally and 56 percent believe that the whole world hates Israel. A fourth poll by Shvakim Panorama for Israeli Channel 1 television showed that Israels extreme right bloc is gaining popularity, especially under Netanyahus leadership with a 15 percent increase of their Knesset seats expected in a new election, despite the many failures of his current government. Netanyahus Likud Party would attain 31 seats gaining four more, while the partys allies on the far right would get 68 in total with seven more added to their current seats. This does not include the extreme right national party, which has four seats and is currently in the opposition. In this way, Netanyahu can form a government from the ranks of the far right without the Labour Partys support, which may lose five of its current 13 seats. The Kadima opposition party might lose three seats of its current number of 28. When respondents were asked, who they favoured to form the next Cabinet, 49 percent chose Netanyahu, while 28.5 percent voted for Kadima leader Tsibi Livni. In an article, The Loss of Hope, Israels Yediot Ahronots top commentator Sima Kadmon said: Israelis have lost their faith in Netanyahus intentionsand abilityand peace. But worst of all, the Israelis have lost their hope. In summation, Israels current state is based upon a brute force, with which it maintains its colonial occupation, racial discrimination and violation of Palestinians human rights. Israel has lost its equilibrium which made Israeli writer Ari Shavit say: If the current situation persists, a big blow up would follow. No one knows its timing, but sooner or later it will come from the South [Gaza] or the North [Lebanon] and the thin ice on which we stand will be shattered and we will all fall down. The crossroad on which the Prime Minister now stands, points to two directions, one toward a peace settlement and one towards a deep fall. Gulf News