Everyday more and more cases of Dengue patients are being reported and as many as 300 persons have been gobbled up by this disease in Lahore. The total number of persons assaulted by the Dengue fever has surpassed the figure of 18000 out of which 16000 belong to Lahore only in the province of Punjab. The horrendous outbreak of this fever has completely gripped the metropolis. There is a section of our society that considers this disease to be a divine retribution. But Pakistan Medical Association has requested the government of Pakistan to conduct a thorough official inquiry as the members of this association suspect that the Dengue virus has deliberately been scattered in Lahore by American Central Intelligence Agency(CIA).The apprehensions of the members of PMA are righteous as the US history shows that it used biological weapons in Cuba in 1981 and there was a severe hemorrhagic Dengue fever which took the form of epidemic a la Lahore. Likewise, in 1982 USA sent its CIA men in Russia to spread the virus of Dengue. It is a committed fact that America cannot use nuclear arsenals against any of its opponents because the use of atom bomb by any one country will bring cataclysm to whole of this planet. Thus, America has started resorting to other wars like weather war and biological war. We already have seen a horrifying disaster wrought by the USA in 2010 and this year also in the form of unprecedented floods. Using its latest technology, US brought rains and flash floods in our country. As if the war on terror and the weather war were not enough, USA has engaged us in yet another mysterious war in the form of disease. I wonder when will our rulers wake up from deceitful reverie of American friendship? When will US stop experimenting on us? MUBUSHAR ALI SULEHRIA, Wah Cantt, October 27.