OUR STAFF REPORTER OKARA - Despite its promise of food, shelter and clothing to the poor, the federal government gave nothing but power loadshedding, unemployment and price-hike. Speaking to a huge gathering of students, MSF President Imran and other leaders Younus Mani and Chaudhry Kamran said if the PML-N came to power, it would bring such a revolution within a year that Pakistani nationals living abroad would start returning to the country for jobs. They said they would send corrupt leaders to their homes, adding that they had burnt their boats behind them to fight against corrupt practices of the government. They said that days of the ruling PPP were numbered. The nation is ready to bid a farewell to the government, which is under American slavery and is pursuing former despot Musharrafs policies. At any time, the bugle of their departure may be trumpeted. The present government had, added the MSF leaders, given the country into American subservience, for which it had become the need of the 180 million people to get rid of it.