The suggestion by Chairman Transparency International (TI) that out of $100 billion in Swiss banks deposited by Pakistanis, $20 billion can be transferred to Pakistan provided the government signs an agreement with the Swiss government must be quickly followed. This amount, he further stated, could be collected through imposing taxes on the untaxed cash in Swiss accounts. It is worth pointing out that the European Union has already reached an understanding with the Swiss banks to disclose the EUs account holders name and their wealth in order to bring the tax evaders to book. The government must heed TIs advice. According to reports, these account holders have secretly deposited their wealth in Swiss accounts to evade taxes they owe to the government. Secondly, most of these individuals belong to the category of looters and plunderers: corrupt politicians, generals, bureaucrats, unscrupulous businessmen, and others of their ilk. Their money ought to be taxed at the earliest and utilised to steer the economy out of the mess. A fairly large amount of our foreign debt can be repaid, and also the taxes generated can substantially increase our foreign reserves as well. The government, invariably faced with the credit crisis, more often than not has to resort to knock the doors of international money lenders like the IMF whose debilitating conditions only cause more poverty. If a mechanism to bring back this wealth as well as stop the illegal leakage of credit from the country overseas is developed, we will be well on our way forward. Our credit crisis, particularly the budgetary deficit has reached the point now that is forcing the government is hard put to pay pensions to its employees. The Chairman of Transparency International is not the only one who has made this suggestion. Surprisingly, the Director of the Swiss Bank himself recently confirmed that Pakistanis had $97 billion in the banks. His comments that Pakistan can make a tax less budget for 30 years, create 60 millions jobs and that this wealth can usher in an era of prosperity are not fiction, but based on facts. The government must seek an agreement with the Swiss banks to make arrangements for disclosing the names of the account holders as well as bringing them under the tax net.