PESHAWAR - Provincial Minister for Labour Sher Azam Khan Tuesday said the apex court decision in Asghar Khan case has unveiled the so-called politicians, who claimed themselves the true representatives of the people of Pakistan. 

Talking to a delegation of PSF here, he said that how these politicians would participate in the upcoming general elections with such a bleak past. The judiciary has exposed these politicians.  He said PPP is true representative of poor people of Pakistan, who instead of deceiving the people in the name of tall claims served the nation and worked for uplift of poor people. The Minister said that criticism for the sake of positive change is beauty of democracy, while unnecessary protests and agitation in the parliament House made the laughing stock. He said PML-N leadership should refrain from such tactics as these do not serve the nation rather further aggravate the problems of the masses. The problems of the nation and the country are solved through reconciliation, he remarked.

He said the leadership of PPP is pursuing policies of political reconciliation as envisioned by Shaheed Benazir for strengthening of democracy and resolution of people’s problems.