A middle school for girls was constructed in the scenic village of Reshun at a great cost. But the planners did not realise that it was in front of a flood route in a dense jungle. The school was located near the house of one of Chitral’s humorous and well-known personality, popularly known as Dikani (Sher Juwan), and near the National Bank’s Reshun branch.

It now seems odd that education department authorities could not find a piece of land for the construction of such an expensive building at a place like Reshun.

Students from Parpish, Greenlasht, Reshun, Showgram and Zait used to attend classes in this school. The whole playground of the school was made of cement and glass which looked marvelous. Classrooms were also well-equipped.

However, in the year 2006, floods destroyed the school, forcing students to abandon their education. However, the education department built a number of rooms adjacent to the primary school in Rizandur near the polo ground of Reshun which is also a fabulous and appropriate place for learning. After shifting them there, the primary school was upgraded to the higher level. Along with the destruction of the old school, the flood also left the famous Dikani homeless and he moved to some place in Mastuj or Khuzh. Later in 2008, a large number of rooms were being built for upgrading the school from the middle to the high level but natural catastrophes didn’t allow the authorities concerned to carry out their plans. Now this school is of no use and has been closed. Amazingly, the science room of the school is still intact and students still go there to attend classes. I request the authorities concerned not to repeat such planning in the future.


Chitral, October 30.