LAHORE - The Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has urged the government to take serious notice of law and order situation in Karachi and immediately initiate steps to arrest fast surging crime graph.In a statement issued here Tuesday, the LCCI President Farooq Iftikhar, Senior Vice President Irfan Iqbal Sheikh, Vice President Mian Abuzar Shad and LCCI Executive Committee said that economic conditions will not improve unless law and order in Karachi in particular and upcountry in general is seriously tackled.“The LCCI understands that law and order is major cause of decline in local and foreign investment and if the government fails to respond to private sector’s call, the economy will continue to slide ultimately resulting in closure of industry and trade.”The LCCI office-bearers said that Karachi killings are a matter of grave concern for the business community as it is the most important business hub of the country that generates huge revenue with sizeable share in the GDP. The government must re-set its priorities as far as the trade and industry is concerned. “There is an acute shortage of electricity and gas, skilled manpower is in short supply, input costs are very high and Pakistan is fast attaining the status of a trading hub instead of a manufacturing country.”If the law and order situation is under control and energy is made available to the industry round-the-clock, not only the local investors would get encouragement but foreign investors would also be ready to initiate joint ventures with their Pakistani counterparts thus creating more jobs for the unemployed youth.The LCCI President said that the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been advocating for the formation of Businessmen Police Liaison Committee and hopes that action would be taken by the Punjab Chief Minister at the earliest. Provision of security to the businessmen in particular and citizens in general is prime government’s responsibility and it must try harder to fulfil its duty. The LCCI office-bearers are of the view that government must listen to business community’s point of view for increasing industrial productivity.The countries that were behind us a few decades ago are now much ahead by simply following policies of Pakistan whereas we have not been able to gain much as we abandoned those policies. In 60s the collective export of a number of Far Eastern countries was much less than Pakistan and today each country has exports 2-3 times more than Pakistan. INP adds from Islamabad: FPCCI on Tuesday asked the government to take serious steps to revive the confidence of business community which has been shattered due to deterioration of law and order situation. Cosmetic measures have never worked in past and lip service will not work in future, said Tariq Mehmood, Director Pak-UK Business Council and Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Health.Talking to business community here, he said that law and order situation has deterred foreign as well as local investors in a time when brain drain, flight of capital and shifting of industrial units from Pakistan has broken all the previous records.Tariq Mehmood, who is also former president of the Attock Chamber of Commerce and Industry, said that reluctance of government to deal effectively and proactively with security challenges has disappointed business community which has not proceeded to strikes, the last option. We are already faced with problems like energy shortages, weak infrastructure, pathetic transportation, and discouraging regulations but security concerns take predominance over all other areas, he said. The economic meltdown, increasing unemployment, runaway inflation, and eroding currency are also serious problems that are taking backseat since years, he observed.Tariq Mehmood said that situation is sending very negative signals; authorities should not make business community pay the price for the unending process of political reconciliation and chalk out strategy to contain extortion.Lauding the wisdom of national business leader Tariq Sayeed and other leaders of business fraternity of Karachi, he said that postponing the strike for fifteen days is last chance for the government to hammer out things disregarding political considerations to the satisfaction of business community or face massive exodus of capital and industry, he warned.