ISLAMABAD - The PPP-led ruling alliance is likely to hold general elections in April 2013 after completing its Constitutional five-year term ending on March 16th, government sources said on Tuesday.Sources said the ruling alliance was unyielding on question of completing the mandatory term basically with political consideration to establish that an elected government for the first time in country’s Parliamentary history has not only completed its term but also completed democratic transition.Sources further said that an interim government would be installed by March 18th, 2013 that would hold general elections in the country. As per the Constitution, both the outgoing Prime Minister and Leader of Opposition in the National Assembly would decide about the caretaker set up, and in case both fail the matter would automatically referred to the Chief Election Commissioner.    Both the leaders would share list of their nominees soon after the present National Assembly was dissolved, and in case they fail in evolving consensus, the matter would be referred to the CEC. The interim government would be responsible to hold elections within 60 days after its installation.