PESHAWAR - Qaumi Watan Party, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa chapter, President Sikandar Hayat Sherpao Tuesday strongly condemned blast in the shrine of Kaka Sahib Nowshera and expressed sorrow and grief over the loss of precious human lives.

Talking delegations of party workers, he said the government had lost its grip over the law and order in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa due to which thousands of innocent people were losing their lives.

He said the government had no focus on militancy and that was why the law and order exacerbated immediately after 2008. He asked the government to compensate the victims and bring the culprits to justice.

Talking about the Supreme Court’s order of reducing prices of CNG, he hailed the decision and said the government’s incompetence compelled the apex court to take the step. The QWP leader said the government had failed on all fronts due to which the country was on the verge of economic and political collapse.

“The foreign investors are hesitant to investing here due to rampant corruption, kickbacks in development projects and directionless and uncertain foreign policy,” he said and added the rulers set a new record of corruption and bad governance in the country.

He also lashed out at the ANP-led provincial coalition government and said the so-called champions of Pakhtuns’ rights had compromised on the rights of its people on every platform.

“The so-called nationalists failed to restore peace, reduce power outages in the province and secure net hydel profit,” he said and added that inflation crossed the double digits while unemployment was increasing with each passing day.

He said uncertainty was prevailing among the people of the province due to the corrupt and indifferent policies of the provincial government. He said people of the country wanted change and time was ripe to announce a caretaker setup and pave way for fresh elections so that they could elect competent leadership capable of taking the country out of crises.

He said QWP was the continuity of the Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao, which had always fought for the rights of its people and raised voice for them. He urged the people to vote the leadership of QWP so that sincere efforts could be made for taking the country out of crises.