LAHORE (sajid yazdani) - Terming the Supreme Court ruling in Asghar Khan case historic one, former PTI Vice Chairman and Vice Admiral (r) Javed Iqbal said all the corrupt lots should be made liable specially the dictators who de-tracked democracy and the country from the path to progress.

In his exclusive interview with Nida-i-Millat, Iqbal said he had no personal differences with PTI Chief Imran Khan rather he disliked the party policy. “Some dirty elements have entered into the party corridors after successful gathering at Lahore on October 30, 2011,” he added.

Giving credit of the Asghar Khan case to Naseerullah Babar who originated it years back, Iqbal demanded of punishment for those who supported the cause of martial law. He also disclosed some hidden aspects of Asghar Khan’s career who, he said, had been an aide of the General Ayub Khan; he supported Bhutto’s death and release of Mujeebur Rehman.

Criticising Imran Khan’s decision to support General Musharraf in 1999, he said it badly shunned the party credibility. “I could never sit on the back benches with those who once were dictator’s aides. I could never accept party leader’s calls hindering me to speak on party policy. Hence I resigned from the party,” admiral added.

Responding to a query about the new comers into the party, the former PTI leader said the old ideological workers strongly felt at difficulty with the arrival of those who sat with the dictator and the maltreatment of the party leadership with those who strived hard for the party added salt to injury.

Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Javed Hashmi, Asad Umar and others must not bypass the real leadership of the party, he regretted and said such an odd attitude of the leaders who change parties made him leave the party. “I rendered sacrifice for the sake of party workers’ self respect that was at stake,” he added.

“All the political parties of the country including the PTI have accommodated the affluent people. There is ample room for the feudal lords in the party but least place for the poor workers,” Iqbal further maintained.

Iqbal said the country could only survive by following the Two-Nation Theory and a true leadership was indispensable for the bright future of the country that unluckily we lacked after the Quaid-e-Azam.