It is an established fact now that the people of Karachi are living on a heap of arms and ammunition. Unfortunately, these weapons are possessed mostly by criminals and militants who have taken the whole city hostage with their ruthless crime spree. The government has failed miserably in recovering illegal arms and ammunition and the situation seems to be getting worse in the days to come. I would suggest the government to encourage peace-loving citizens to acquire arms and get necessary training and allow them to carry weapons in a concealed manner, without any legal technicalities attached. Once the criminals know that any vehicle they try to rob could have fully armed and trained occupants, these criminals will think a hundred times before snatching a vehicle or robbing its occupants. This will eventually reduce the crime rate. In a city where the law of the jungle applies, all citizens have the right to protect themselves, their families and properties with all available resources.


Karachi, October 30.