LAHORE – Looking after a amily of five, 33 year old Aqeel-ur-Rehman had to engage himself in several odd jobs at an early age. In order to sufficiently cater to the needs of the large number of dependants and realizing the immense potential for business development, he decided to open up his own general store and avail the microfinance facility of Khushhalibank in order to invest additional capital into his business to make it more profitable, said Aqeel while talking to The Nation.For this purpose, he acquired a loan, and smartly capitalized the borrowed capital for his business expansion. Aqeel was initially running the general store single-handedly, but soon witnessed phenomenal business growth and hired two more employees in his store, putting his entire focus on the supply chain, business planning and development. Thanks to the microfinance facility provided by the Bank, Aqeel opened up another store, and is currently earning more than 60,000 a month and planning to open up a shop to sell artifacts and decoration pieces. He also plans to purchase a plot on installments. Today, he has successfully availed his 7th loan from the Bank that has enabled him to rebuild his business.