LAHORE - Though the next general elections seem to be round the corner amid talk of interim set up being put in place soon, the estranged PPP couple, however, doesn’t see any elections after March next year.  “The country’s situation is such that elections won’t be possible after March 2013. But there is a possibility of their being held before March next year if the government goes for early polls ”, Dr Safdar Abbasi and his spouse Naheed Khan told TheNation on Tuesday. The couple gave much credence to reports already circulating in political circles that the interim set up would come for more than two years to ‘set the things right’. They thought that economic recession and the poor law and order situation in parts of Pakistan was enough justification to postpone the elections for at least two years. The duo which is not on good terms with PPP’s top leadership since the assassination of Benazir Bhutto in December 2007, plans to unveil their future strategy on November 30th in Lahore on the occasion of party’s Foundation Day. “We would announce our future course of action on November 30th after consultation with our like-minded group within the party”, said Naheed Khan when asked if they would contest the coming elections and in which capacity. “First of all, we don’t see any elections; but if they are held, we would make our plans public after they are announced”, she remarked. Safdar said that he and his spouse would not seek party ticket for the coming elections unless their genuine concerns are addressed by the leadership. “I did not seek Senate ticket from my party in March this year because doing so would have meant that I had deviated from my stance about party policies”, he told this scribe, adding, that he alongwith his group would continue to criticise the leadership till the party returns to its basics.  “The party should not be made a family affair. The gap between the workers and the leadership should be bridged by doing away with drawing room style of politics and coming into the public. Party should be democratised and revert to it basic ideology which is related more to the poor peasants, haris and the downtrodden than to anything else ”, Abbasi summed up his concerns which must be addressed as a pre-requisite to end their criticism of the party leadership.  Naheed was of the view that those party workers who had worked with Z.A Bhutto and BB Shaheed were facing identity crisis due to wrong policies of the present leadership. The present leadership needs to assimilate them to galvanise the party at gross roots level, she added. Meanwhile, in a significant development, the PPP leadership is reported to have made its first contact with the alienated couple since 2008 apparently to woo them back. As per sources, President Zardari’s sister and MNA Faryal Talpur went to see the ailing mother of Dr Safdar Abbasi a few days back in what seems to be a fence-mending exercise. Dr Abbasi, however, denied any contact from the party leadership and clarified that there was no possibility of their going back to the party in the presence of points of concerns he and his spouse have been raising publicly about party policies.